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Questions You Must Ask a Criminal Defense Lawyer Before Availing their Services

by Henry

Defending a criminal charge is a challenging task. It needs you to prove yourself clean and innocent to get free from the charge. This not involves collecting evidence, a lot of paperwork and legal procedures but also requires you to be mentally strong and patient.

The process can be lengthy, and obstacles may come. Criminal trials can be hectic. But each step has to be organised and planned correctly to make the result in your favour. And the only way to effectively frame your case is to hire a criminal lawyer.

Defense lawyers are good in establishing the case to prove the accused innocent. It is not only about accumulating evidence and documents to favour the accused party—the presentation in front of the jury matters. Answering tactfully during the cross-questioning is crucial too. All these critical tasks can be performed correctly by a professional lawyer. 

But how would you select a lawyer who can fight your case? Who can help you to win the trial? Who can guide you through the legal procedures? How can you trust a lawyer and be sure that he is capable of handling the case?

If these questions pop up in your mind, then the solution is to verify the lawyer’s skills and capability before hiring. To know that, you must ask some questions to your criminal defense lawyer. 

The questions that you must ask before hiring a criminal defense attorney are given below.

  • What is your educational background? Know from where did he complete his law degree. Also, ask under which association he practices. This gives you an idea of his eligibility as a lawyer. 
  • What are your experiences in this field? Experience is an essential factor here. It is not only about how many years he is practising but also about how many cases he has handled before. 
  • How many cases have you handled successfully? Knowing the success rate of the lawyer is essential. Lawyers rarely have a 100% success rate. So, don’t look for it. But make sure that he has won most of the cases he handled. This is proof of his skill and expertise.
  • Have you dealt with similar cases like mine? This question is to know whether he is acquainted with this type of case or not. If yes, then the process would go smooth.
  • How would you establish my case? Defending a client is difficult. So, make sure the lawyer has a valid and applicable strategy to defend you. Listen to his working procedure before hiring. 
  • What will be my role? Learn about how he wants you to act throughout the case. Make sure that he handles most of the work, and you take less stress.
  • How much will you charge? Last but not least, discuss the cost of the whole procedure before finalising.

Final Overview

Hire a criminal defense lawyer only when you get satisfactory answers to the questions mentioned above. Also, consider hiring a lawyer with a reputation and higher success rate to increase the chance of winning the case.

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