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Keyword Research For Lawyers

by Henry

Keyword search identifies specific terms and queries that are manually searched on various search engines like Google, Yahoo, etc. Using these words in the websites’ content for lawyers helps law firms obtain a first page rank in Google’s SERPs, ensuring maximum visibility. Keyword search is one of the primary ways of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Thus good keyword searching and listing are significant. 

Fundamentals Of Keyword Research For Lawyers

The basics of keyword research are to spot out the words and terms that describe the people’s commercial intent and use them in the specific websites for lawyers. The choice of these keywords is very crucial too. The words one chooses to incorporate in the content of the websites for lawyers

  • Must be relevant to the legal services provided by the law firm.
  • It must have some commercial intent.
  • Must experience high data traffic.
  • Must be good enough to match levels of competition.

People usually tend to use “why “or “how “while searching for solutions to their problems. So using keywords that explore a larger area is preferable. The keywords may be incorporated in blogs, case studies, and service descriptions to ensure more data traffic.

Creating An Optimal Keyword Search List

Creating a good and organized keyword search list is very important. It helps keep track of the traffic engaged per word and proves handy in case of reusing those words. The trick to this is to identify the people’s proper intent and use the relevant keyword. It is essential to organize the list based on commercial, research, and localized goals. 

Several keyword research tools are available now that make the task very simple and easy. These tools enhance the post engagements and data traffic per keyword. Rankings of the keywords are also produced to maintain the level of competition. The devices may be free or may have a trial period after which one needs to pay for them. These tools have been tested and tend to provide the destined results if used properly. Some of those tools include – 

  • Ahrefs
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • KWfinder 
  • SEMrush
  • SpyFu
  • SECockpit

Opting For The Best Keywords

As stated earlier, the choice of keywords is very crucial. The services listed on the websites of the law firm should have these types of keywords – 

  • Broad keywords – These are the most common type of keywords. These keywords maintain the level of competition. 
  • Long-tailed keywords – These are primarily query-type keywords. Since they are comparatively less competitive, they tend to increase the traffic and gain credibility from Google. Thus by using these types of keywords, a law firm can obtain a first-page rank in Google’s SERPs. 
  • Local keywords- These keywords tend to strengthen the location pages of the websites for lawyers. They are mainly for local searches. 


Keyword research constitutes an essential part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for law firms. Thus, incorporating the proper keywords in the appropriate places as per the public demand and intent may be highly fruitful for the law firm’s growth.

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