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How To Report Nursing Home Neglect?

by Henry

We know that not all nursing homes can provide the same level of comfort and care to their residents. We also see that some nursing homes perform notably better than the rest providing people with ideal services while some do not. Some problems faced by people because of poor care are difficulties due to poor hygiene, formation of bedsore, lack of nutrition, slipping and falling. The first step we should take to stop these abuses and neglect is by reporting them.

If you feel someone you know has been a victim of nursing home neglect, it is your job to act right away. The nursing home neglect lawyers are well-trained and experienced enough to help you take legal actions against this neglect.

What Is A Nursing Home Neglect?

We see that some nursing homes provide care with minimal staff who are sometimes overworked, tired, and exhausted. We also notice that several staff members lack formal education in specific primary healthcare fields because they fail to meet their patient’s needs. The first step by which you can stop nursing home neglect is by reporting them. Several families having their loved ones suffer from inadequate care in nursing homes can file a case to alert others of this neglect and poor hygiene.

In most cases, you will not be able to know for sure if your loved one is being neglected in a nursing home until after there has been a proper investigation into the issue. Neglect of the elderly is pretty standard, and it can affect the patient a lot emotionally.

In several cases, the performance of the medical staff might not have been very appropriate. Some practices performed by them can also lead to the injury of the patient. Patients who are neglected and receive poor care are often more prone to severe complications that can later lead to death if ignored.  

How Is The Case Further Processed?

Once you have already submitted a formal complaint, further investigation is done to make sure the neglect stops immediately. The investigation team generally enquires about the cases of poor care and neglect by arriving at the nursing home unannounced to check the following:

  1. Visual observation of the condition of the patient and the staff is done.
  2. A complete review of records outlining the care given to the patient is made.
  3. A series of interviews occur with the person who files the complaint and the family members of the patient, the staff, and the other patients in the nursing home.

Sometimes these cases go unreported because the patients do not detect them at the nursing homes until it’s too late.  

The nursing home neglect lawyers are the voice of the people who have been the victims of these cases and will stand up for their rights. They provide legal assistance to the people who are willing to take action to protect their dear ones who have once already fallen prey to this. 


It may break your heart to see your loved ones get neglected in a nursing home. Although, you can take some steps to stand up against these actions. You can seek help from the nursing home neglect lawyers to file complaints on this issue. If you feel someone you know has already been a victim of this, contact these lawyers right away to seek the relief every individual deserves.


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